Established in 1993, covering an area of more than 50 acres, hundreds of millions of Yuan in fixed assets, more than 60 sets of main production equipment, measuring equipment and more than more than 30 enterprise owns advanced production equipment, strong technical force, perfect detection means, annual production capacity of more than 80 million km. Existing staff more than people, which advanced more than 100 technicians, skilled workers and hundreds of enterprises sought from raw material to finished product packaging, from product to service each link strictly to ensure that manufactured products meet the standard requirements and customer needs!

"Zi Wang" quality brand is known in the industry, is known to improve products and services to customers. "Zi Wang" brand wire and cable products have been identified as "Henan exempt products", "Henan province". Business first in the wire andcable industry adoption of international standards (issued by State Bureau of quality and technical supervision), has been named the "3.15 quality service integrity enterprises", "Henan market product quality qualified enterprise", "the wire and cable industry trust products in Henan province" and other honorary titles.

        Enterprise main products are: PVC insulated wire, cross-linking cable, control cable, power cable, branch cable, shielded cable, communication cable, rubber sets of cables, ground line, the aging line, etc., can also according to customer demand production design and other requirements of special cable. In recent years, companies with advanced technology and modern production and testing equipment, tightly grasp the policy direction, combined with dynamic industry product development, development of market capacity, long life cycle, high value-added new products, has introduced various types of low smoke zero halogen flame retardant and fireproof cables, Marine cables, automotive wire, etc., make the enterprise products more in line with the demand of the market.