Control Cable Exports to America

Mar 3, 2017

  We delivery two kinds of muliti-cores control cable to our America customer on this monday,For 11pin control cable , its constructure is 11 cores x20awg,tinned copper conductor, pvc jacket ,pvc insulated.

  For 6pin control cable,its constructure is 6 cores x18awg,tinned copper conductor, pvc jacket ,pvc insulated,

6pin control cable has six different kinds of core colors,11pin control cable has 11 different kinds of core colors,According to the requirement of customer's Twisted Procedure,

  The customer's mark must print on the 11pin control cable and 6pin control cable , For the package of each kind of control cable , they are both 2000m/wood drum

  The shipping time is about 25 days,The 11 pin control cable and 6pin control cable will arrive at the destination port

  Clients are very satisfied with our product, Oue product is strictly produced according to the requirements of the clients

  We factory use best tinned copper wire , best pvc material, At the same time , it is a great gift that we can get the praise from our clients

  We will go on trying our best efforts to make every client satisfied