Actively Engaged in Electric Wire and Power Cable Quality Month Activity

Jan 18, 2017


In January, Henan Central Plain Cables and Wires Co,.Lrd tightly around the "efficiency", in the continued implementation of safe production, civilized production, cleaner production three mechanism of a system at the same time, seize the internal management, implementation of lean production, to carry out the "quality month activities.

  Active participation, emphasis on hands-on. Quality competition in the procedure of power cable production process, improve staff quality consciousness of self, mutual inspection, special inspection are combined, pay attention to the power cable production process quality, focus on the improvement of appearance quality of the cable, to enhance customer satisfaction.

  In the workshop as a unit, according to the classified section respectively. High voltage power cable workshop, low-voltage power cable workshop, special cable workshop, to achieve full coverage of products. With "cable workers skills innovation group as a platform, focus on the actual operation, to enhance employee skills at the same time, improve the quality awareness of all employees. Through the" quality month activities.