Henan Central Plains Cables & Wires Co., Ltd held the eighth session of the Board

Feb 17, 2016

  Henan Central Plain Cables & Wires Co., Ltd 10:00 May 18, 2016 in live sessions, the Conference at its eighth session the tenth meeting of the Board of Directors of the company. The meeting convened and chaired by the legal person of the company, Richard Zi, 7 Directors present at the meeting, company Chairman and General Manager, Manager of the Foreign Trade Department, Ministry of domestic trade Manager, Finance Director, quality Branch Director, outreach and other senior managers attended this meeting of Ministers.

Consideration and vote of the Central Plains cable large reform programme. Our company Foreign Trade Department, will gradually transition to trading individuals,no longer limited to our products.

Suggests that medium line cable limited liability company will open up a new situation, a layer of new ladder! let us look forward to Zi Wang licensed cable boom!