Training of Enterprise Standard System

Jan 20, 2016


  In order to popularize basic knowledge of enterprise standard system and relatedlaws and regulations, Central Plain cable limited liability company organized training of enterprise standard system, this is the first time the enterprise's standard system knowledge work. More than 50 people took part in the training. Enterprise standardization work is the basis of a comprehensive, involved in virtuallyall aspects of enterprise management. Enterprise standardization across the enterprise throughout the process of production, technology and management, is the important guarantee of enterprise modernization and intensive production, is an important means to accelerate technical progress of enterprises, strengthen scientific management, standardized work, to develop new products and improve management, adjustment of product structure, opening up the domestic and foreign markets can play an important role. Establishing technical standards for the main, including the management standard and working standard of enterprise standard system, also with the company's quality management system, environment management system and occupational health and safety management system of measurement management systems, nuclear quality assurance system, such as systems integration, complementarity and mutually reinforcing, building enterprise management platform as a whole to achieve performance excellence management objectives.

In training, through a combination of enterprise status, and many other typical cases, can guide you to master basic knowledge of standard system, so that everyone really involved in standardization work to, so as to enhance the people's awareness of standardization, and gradually form a good atmosphere for everyone concerned about standards, and consciously implement the standard. The training wassuccessful.