Where to buy Welding Cable By the Foot?

Sep 23, 2017


           The structure of the cable for the welder is single wire core , usually composed of copper wires and copper wires . The group of copper wires make up the conductor part of the welding machine cable ,

 so the YH cable is thicker and hundreds of copper wires . A plurality of groups of copper wires is wrapped around a layer of heat resistant polyester film . The insulation layer is pure natural rubber ,

the copper wire are oxygen free copper , so as to ensure the good conductivity of the wire core and the safety of the cable , these are the introduction to the welding cable products .

If you buy an electric welding cable , you can go to the professional hardware market . But the quality of the hardware market is uneven , if not professional enough . It's quite possible to buy products of poor quality . Therefore , for professional products to find professional manufacturers .

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