How to Choose Welding Cable??

Sep 12, 2017

1 )Look at the label .

The regular manufacturers of wire certificate shall include : 3C certification , certification number , specifications , standards , rated voltage , wire length , production date , manufacturer , inspection , factory name , address , telephone , security labels etc . The labels of counterfeit products are often printed or printed .

2 ) look at the surface .

The plastic sheath of the national wire are soft and smooth , and the color is uniform . In its surface , should also be printed with the product certification on several items , such as : 3C certification mark , certification number , type , rated voltage , implementation standards , factory name , etc . At the same time , the writing must be clear and difficult to erase .

3 ) Bend test .

It is advisable to have a wire head bent repeatedly by hand . All hands are soft and have good fatigue resistance , and the plastic or rubber feels flexible and the wires and insulators are free of cracks . Shoddy wire insulation seems to be very thick , in fact , mostly made of recycled plastic , as long as a little hard extrusion , extrusion will become white like , bending 4~6 times there is disconnection ;

4 ) Tear insulation .

High quality insulation materials have a certain mechanical strength and flexibility , and can not be easily tear . The inferior wires can be torn off or pinched down by hand ;

5 ) Look at the burning

. According to the regulations , the insulating layer of the wire has certain flame retardation . Peel off an insulating layer , ignite with a lighter , and continue to burn yourself after leaving an open flame .

6 ) Inspection thickness .

A section of insulating layer is intercepted to see whether the cross section of the insulating layer is provided with a hole which is visible to the naked eye , and whether the core is located in the center of the insulating layer . Not centered because of the process is not high and caused by partial core phenomena , there are holes , indicating that the use of insulating materials failed . Eccentric is the most easy to leak on the thinner side , there are holes , but also affect the comprehensive strength . According to the above 8 simple verification , the basic can identify whether it is good or bad wires . If you need to speak with data , please use the relevant instrument to detect the length , diameter , thickness , resistance , pressure and strength of the wires .