Fault Repair Of Control Cable

Sep 18, 2017

Control cables have many common faults . Such as mechanical damage ,   insulation damages, insulation aging metamorphism , overheating .When the fault occurs , you must cut off the power immediately and find the fault quickly . After checking and analyzing the fault , you should repair and test at once . The power could be recovery after all faults have been solved . 


The wire and cable industry competed more and more fierce People have to transfer their eyes to the special wire and cable products . Special wires and cable have their own specificity on using occasion and product technical performance . So they have more profit than normal cables . At present , they are developed and put on the market by many cable companies .


 At present , there is currently no unified technical specification to t large volume special cable . Each enterprise plays by their own mind . The cable structure sizes , materials , voltage grade , using temperature , specifications section and application occasion are all not unified . It brings a lot of trouble for choosing and using . They have brought big hidden danger to safe running of cable and there is a serious threat to the personal property and normal operation of control equipment and electrical power system . At the same time , they will effect reputation for cable industry .