Smart grid equipment Committee of China electrical equipment industry association was founded

Mar 23, 2016

"The South cable network" smart grid equipment Committee of China electrical equipment industry association inaugural meeting held at Pullman Beijing West Wanda. Intelligent grid equipment work Committee (referred to "wisdom network Board") as electrical industry related enterprise, and Institute where intelligent grid equipment aspects of national industry organization, will in China intelligent grid construction of tide in the full play industry association functions, representative industry coordination and user Zhijian of relationship, built enterprise with Government, and enterprise with user Zhijian of Exchange dialogue platform, promoted intelligent grid equipment industry ordered, and health, and fast development.

Conference considered and through wisdom network board work Ordinance, clear wisdom network board work range and functions; election Zhou Yanlun for wisdom network board first session Council, Chairman of; considered through wisdom network board first session Council work report, clear wisdom network board first session Council main carried out work content, and around both at home and abroad intelligent grid equipment development trend and latest progress situation carried out has theme for "equipment manufacturing enterprise how adapted intelligent grid big development" of seminar. The Conference has attracted many participants from power companies, Governments, associations and the involvement of experts from relevant institutions, well-known domestic media and the mass media have sent journalists to report the meeting. Electrical Master Lu yansun, who made an important speech. Shall be invited by the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly, HC electric General Manager Liu Xiaohong Lady and Mr Hou Zhigao, HCelectrical network editor participated in the meeting.