China Southern Power Grid to spend 100 billion to build a new rural power grid

Feb 14, 2017

     From the recently opened 2017 on rural electric power Conference was informed that the "Twelve-Five" period, China Southern power grid Corporation plans to invest $ 111.6 billion yuan in power grid construction and transformation at the county level, complete the company service territory 118,000 homes without electrical power cable, complete network coverage of household power, strive to build a "safe, reliable, energy-saving environmental protection, advanced technology and management" a new type of rural power grids.

China Southern power grid Corporation Chairman, Party Secretary Zhao, General Manager of Zhong Jun, Deputy General Manager He Xiqiang attended the meeting and made a speech, relevant departments of the company, five provincial power grid companies attended the Conference.

At the meeting, Zhao said, at present, the rural economy is undergoing profound changes, with the development of County economy in five provinces upgrade speeds in model and the farmer's living standards continue to improve, to rural powersupply capability, quality and service level requirements are also getting higher and higher. Must be from the implementation of the national "three agricultures" policy, promoting the construction of new Socialist countryside based on the height of, understand importance of speeding up agricultural electrician for development,this is the inevitable requirement of company social responsibility, but the requestof company health and promoting the strategy of sustainable development.

Zhao asked, to ensure the completion of the country's new round of rural power grid upgrading tasks. Without transformation of rural power grids, all reform reforming low in parts of about two or three years time, historical problem with more debt. Has been modified but because of growth in demand for electricity and capacity shortfalls in the supply of rural power grids, as well as outstanding issues on agricultural production of electricity power grids in rural areas, he also put forwardspecific requirements. He pointed out that, through a new round of upgrading rural networks to achieve agricultural network power supply capacity to further enhance, power supply reliability and customer average interruption time reached the domestic advanced level of similar areas; while building a scientific and rigorous, complete and accurate statistical analysis of key data on the rural electric systems.

Clearly "Twelve-Five" 6 key objectives. Main has: completed County grid construction investment 111.6 billion yuan, completed company power regional within 118,000 households no electric households of power, full completed grid cover range within of households households power; agricultural electric Enterprise full implementation "urban and rural grid and manpower development, professional business integration management" of tube control mode, achieved to "subsidiary system, and branch management" for main form, to implemented full budget management payments two article line of financial intensive management, and extends safety risk tube control system, and construction camp distribution integration information system for focus Full implementation of seven key areas of the company "seven" integration management; all county-level power supply enterprises based management standard enterprise standard, 30% of the county-level power supply enterprisesto become the benchmark companies, 13 major cities under the jurisdiction of thecounty-level power supply enterprises reached the domestic advanced level.

At the meeting, Zhong Jun, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Hainan power grid in five provinces signed a new round of rural power grid upgrading project responsibility. He Xiqiang made a 2017 rural electrician, made a presentation on behalf of the company, reviewed the company "Eleven-Five" during agricultural work, the deployment of "Twelve-Five" farmer's development goals and tasks. Five provincial power grid company General Manager experience introduces respectively at the meeting.