Wind power industry in Jiangsu: riding the fast-growing

Apr 20, 2016

   Is wind energy resources in Jiangsu Province and great potential for development.Current wind power industry enterprises above designated size was about 70, including wind turbine manufacturing enterprise 8, manufacture of key spare parts more than 10 companies, supporting more than 30 companies, while wind power industry association more than 150 companies. Wind power industry output value of71.9 billion yuan in 2016.

Wind power industry chain in Jiangsu Province is complete, form a cluster, with a certain size and level of wind turbine manufacturing capacity, key parts and components for manufacturing, wind turbine capacity. Machine manufacturing accounted for 20%, high speed gear box 65%, fan blade 58%, hub and support components, such as the domestic market share of 50%. On one hand, miles of coastline in Jiangsu Province high quality wind resources and the rapid development of wind power equipment industry, attracted domestic wind turbine giant sinovel wind (601558,bar), Xinjiang goldwind, guodian United power coming in Jiangsu, and seek common development. Ranked the top 5 manufacturers of wind turbine production basein Jiangsu Province. Meanwhile, Jiangsu, focusing on linkage, concentrate on cultivating local wind power enterprises, creating Nanjing high vision energy, Lianyungang, and jixin, Jiangyin, Jiangyin (601008 unit) zhongfu lianzhong and other industryleaders.

Grid main auxiliary separation reform is expected to years completed United States for laden burn off 1.28 trillion dollars this summer very has may appeared big area pull power Zhejiang more name children blood lead exceeded (HD figure) Fund Manager of MOM investment returns why more high real disc stock master earned how many you on earned how many Jiangsu wind electric development insisted independent development and introduced Digest phase combined, success breakthrough has MW level wind electric unit overall design and manufacturing technology, and important support parts manufacturing technology, industry scale and technology are at national forefront. Sinovel independently developed the largest single power 5MW offshore wind turbine success off the production line, has 34 unitsof 3MW wind turbine in the Shanghai East Sea Bridge offshore wind power generation. Nanjing high speed gearbox MW gear box 65% of the domestic market share. Jiangyin jixin built Asia's largest wind turbine wheel base to develop 5MW baseto fill the gaps. Lianyungang zhongfu lianzhong has developed the world's largest5 MW, 62 meter long composite fan blades.

In recent years, by building a wind turbine innovation platform, the introduction ofwind power talents, such as promoting the rapid development of wind power industry. Hard to build wind-power equipment research and development platform, support huarui building offshore wind power technology and equipment of nationalenergy research center. Investment of 1.1 billion yuan, Jiangsu Province (new unite), wind power equipment and Technology Research Institute, Jiangsu Province (sinovel) offshore wind power Research Institute. By attracting wind power talents to venture in Jiangsu Province, Zhang Lei was introduced and a number of tech-entrepreneurs gathered in Jiangsu. Wind power industry in Jiangsu province areas, havebuilt a wind turbine park. If the wind power industrial park, Jiangning, Nanjing, liyang wind power industrial park, wujin district of Changzhou's wind power industry Park, the wind power industry science and technology park in Wuxi, kilowatts of offshore wind power generation base in Nantong, Rudong building "Yangtze River Delta" wind power equipment industrial park, Yancheng, Dafeng, Jiangsu offshore wind power equipment manufacturing base of jinfeng industrial park, sinovel wind turbine industrial parks, etc.

At present, the development of wind power industry in Jiangsu Province, has beenin a leading position in the country. In future, Jiangsu will focus on offshore wind power development and utilization of resources in the coastal and offshore areas to build 10 million-kilowatt wind power base, became the largest offshore wind power industry base.