Why can not choose aluminum alloy cable?

Jul 2, 2017

  Heard about aluminum alloy? Obviously! Mind outlined is Aluminum(Al) itself. Well, it is the prominent and governing metal in its alloy which is not just used in the refrigerators to wrap around week-old leftovers but the earth's second most abundant metallic element in the earth's crust. Aluminum alloys are both lighter and less flammable.
Ever wondered why aluminum alloys? Pure aluminum is very soft. To overcome this, the metal meets the alloying process and is alloyed with other metals like copper, magnesium and silicon.Most of the aluminum's are alloyed and hence exhibit different properties depending on the element mixed.

  It is the properties of Aluminum and its alloys for its widespread use, available in a range of different strength values, from highly ductile low- strength commercially pure aluminum to very tough high strength alloys with eventually high- strength . It better retain its strength at low temperature but when it comes to stand out at high temperature , it lacks in its temperature performance as it is improper to high heating.

  Comparing it with another alloys like copper put its disadvantages better in front. It conducts less than copper if both wires taken in the same length. No doubt aluminum has a better weight to conductivity ratio, taking aluminum and copper wire of same conductivity will result in a thicker wire of copper but it would still work out to be lighter and cheaper than the latter one.The high temperature aluminum alloy is not as good as copper cable. Hence COPPER standout with some crucial properties: 1. Its wires are tensile and higher in conductivity than aluminium.2.Aluminium wires expand in high temperatures and contract in low whereas copper can withstand thermal changes effectively. 3.Long spans are possible due to lighter aluminum wires while resisting is what copper knows best and can be soldered even.4.Aluminum alloy has poor corrosion resistance, hence are more corrosive and can even cause fire.5. Aluminum alloys should be protected enough otherwise a white oxide layer is developed on the surface.
Since aluminum alloys have been produced for centuries, therefore used in domestic medical and engineering applications.Aluminum plays a vital role in domestic applications. It is familiar in domestic as well as professional kitchens, it has been a valuable tool.1. Best brands are produced, kalco is the major brand in ladders since 1992.2. Used in households to wrap the leftovers as it is malleable and wrap close to the food being stored.3. It is used to keep pastry moist allowing the oven heat to penetrate quickly.

  The list best describes aluminum if used for domestic purpose but the quality of domestic aluminum alloy is not good.When it comes to miscellaneous kitchen uses , as a lining to the grill pan or the oven, aluminum foil takes all the burnt on juices which results in difficult cleaning.Therefore choosing the right aluminum alloy is the basic need, both for domestic as well as industrial purposes.Choose aluminum keeping in mind of the product required and properties like strength , formability , production economics, corrosion resistance, surface finish.To optimize cost, alloy with slightly lower strength can be chosen.