What is the Role of Wire and Cable?

Oct 11, 2017


   Wire and cable are a large class of electrical products of the transmission of power , transmission of information and the realization of electromagnetic energy conversion . Over the past 20 years , this definition has been widely recognized and quoted by domestic counterparts . It has also been recognized and adopted by many countries . It not only generalizes the broad field of wire and cable products , but also profoundly reveal the important role of wire and cable in society .

    Indispensability in all economic activities and social life . In modern society,where there are a group of people living , where there is production , transportation and all the economic activities of the occasion , where the underground space , and ocean exploration , all the needs of all the activities in the development of science and technology development , and any innovation project development activities , all cannot do without electricity and electromagnetic applications wave . And the generation , transmission and application of electric and electromagnetic wave must use wire and cable as connecting or transferring parts or as winding material of main machine . Infact , all industrial production , transportation , construction and facilities , modern agriculture and scientific research , military equipment and military facilities , space , ocean exploration and social life (including every family and people's daily life ) are closely connected with the wire and cable products .

   Therefore , in the industry has always been the power system for wire and cable as the body's blood vessels (power line home and in the office as " micro vessel ") ; the wire and cable for electromagnetic wave information transfer (cable ) compared to the body's nerve ; the instrument made motor (coil ) electromagnetic wire as an important component in the heart than . In order to illustrate the wire and cable in all economic activities and social life indispensable .