Twin and Earth Cable Electrical Domestic Wiring Home

  • Conductor:


  • Insulation:


  • Insulation Color:

    All color

  • Temperature Range:

    -10°C to 70°C

  • Nominal Voltage:

    450/750 V

  • Test Voltage:


  • Standard:


1, General Information:

Cable Standard:   IEC 60227, BS 6004, VDE 0281, GB/T 5023

Nominal Cross Section Area:   0.5-400 sqmm

Number of Cores:   Single core or Multi core

Rated Voltage:   300/500V 450/750V

Conductor material:   Copper 99.99% pure, Never use Recycled Copper or Sub-quality Copper Raw Material

Insulation material:   PVC

2, Application

Those cables are used for general purpose, as building wire for power, lighting and control wire to electrical appliance, suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation.

3, Operating Temperature

70 °C, can be 90  °C , 105  °C as required.

4, Technical data sheet

Construction of the electrical wiring(or pvc insulated wire)

1- Flexible Copper Conductor, Solid or Stranded Copper Conductor.

    Class 1, Class 2, Class 5 flexible copper conductor 

2- PVC Insulation

3. PVC filling

4- PVC outer sheath

5- Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um):300/500V,450/750V

Factory Show: