Copper Conductor Electrical Shield Cable

  • Conductor:


  • Insulation:


  • Insulation Color:

    All color

  • Temperature Range:

    -10°C to +70°C

  • Nominal Voltage:

    450/750 V

  • Test Voltage:


  • Standard:



1.3x1.5 wire

2.High Quality Electric Wire Cable

3.CCC IEC CE Certification



1.Voltage Uo/U 300/500V 450/750V

2.Material: copper conductor, PVC jacket, PVC insulation and flexible cable / sheathed screened flexible cable

3.Max. Permissible Continuous Operation Temperature of The Conductor: 70°C

4.The Ambient Temperature Under Installation Should Not Below 0°C

5.More flexible, high toughness, perfect bending properties, installed and maintained easily and conveniently.

6.Have an anti-interference ability and anti-theft alarm system.(RVVP)



1.Type: RVV RVVP

2.Standard: IEC CCC

3.Specification: 0.75mm2-630mm2

4.Length: 100M 200M 300M 500M



This product is mainly designed for medium and light mobile appliances, power equipment, instrument, household appliance and telecommunication device of rated voltages up to and including 300/500V 450/750V. It applies to transmit control signal, power signal, and is suitable for installation in the bridge and the hose. It also can be used for anti-theft alarm system, building intercom system.

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