THHN 10 Gauge Stranded Wire

  • Conductor:


  • Insulation:

    PVC, Nylon

  • Insulation Color:

    All color

  • Temperature Range:

    Dry 90°C, Wet 75°C

  • Nominal Voltage:


  • Test Voltage:


  • Standard:


THHN Copper Wire Applications:

 THHN building wire is intended for general purpose applications as defined by the USA National Electrical Code (NEC).

 THHN is permitted used in conduit and cable trays for services, feeders, and branch circuits in commercial or

industrial new construction or rewiring for 600 voltage applications.

For applications requiring THHN, the wire is appropriate for use in dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90℃.

 The wire is designed   to be installed without application of a pulling lubricant.

HHN Cable Approvals: 

UL listed Stds. 83 & 1063  as: Type THHN Wire 90°C in dry locations, Type THWN Wire 75°C in wet locations.

A-A-59544, NEMA WC-5, UL-758

CSA approval upon request

Building Wire - THHN Wire Specifications: 

Conductor: Bare Copper, Soft Drawn

Insulation: Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

Jacket: Nylon

Standard Colors (denoted by a dash and number code following the part number below): Black (-0), Brown (-1), Red (-2),

Orange (-3), Yellow (-4), Green (-5), Blue (-6), Violet (-7),    Gray (-8), White (-9), Pink (-10), Tan (-11);

Striping and Other colors available upon request.

Gasoline & oil resistant - Type MTW 90°C Machine Tool Wire (stranded only) 105°C AWM, 80°C when exposed to oil.

Building Wire - THHN Wire Ratings: 

THHN-THWN: 75°C Oil, 75°C Wet, 90°C Dry, 600V

THWN-2: 75°C Oil, 90°C Wet, 90°C Dry, 600V

MTW: 60°C Oil, 60°C Wet, 90°C Dry, 600V

AWM 1316 to 1321: 80°C Oil, - Wet, 105°C Dry, 600V

AWM 1408 to 1414: 60°C Oil, 60°C Wet, 90°C Dry, 600V

AWM 1452 to 1453: 80°C Oil, - Wet, 90°C Dry, 600V

T90 NYLON: 60°C Oil, - Wet, 90°C Dry, 1000V

TWN 75: - Oil, 75°C Wet, - Dry, 600V


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