Multi Conductor Foil/Braid Shield Cable

  • Conductor:


  • Insulation:


  • Insulation Color:


  • Temperature Range:

    -20°C to +70°C

  • Nominal Voltage:


  • Test Voltage:


  • Standard:


Multi-pair, individually shielded cables are ideal for a wide variety of uses. These include equipment, remote control circuits, and industrial equipment control circuits. They are also often used in control circuits where total isolation of signal is required. The wires are encased in an aluminum foil shield. Sometimes, this type of shielding can be referred to as "Screening".

Why are the pairs shielded? Each pair of wires is individually shielded to prevent electromagnetic interference. The shielding serves to protect the cable from interference exiting or entering the cable. It also prevents crosstalk between neighboring pairs of wires. Selecting the correct type of multi-pair cable can be somewhat confusing. Contact a Pacer Group expert today with any questions that you have.



• Tested and proven performance in installations worldwide

• It has convenient put-up options

• Wide range of conductor size, shielding options and number of conductors

• High quality and reliability

• Has a short response time with smoke and flame protection

• Is available in longer cable lengths

• Multipurpose



It is made of stranded copper. The stranding enhances its flex life and the ability to carry more current without overheating. It is durable and can last you a lifetime which saves you money from frequentreplacements. Copper is also cheap and more readily available than other conductors hence you don’t have to dig deep in your pocket to buy a roll.



It has polyolefin insulation. The insulation is a vital part in any electrical wire since it protects the users from electrocution. It also ensures the conductor is safe from moisture, mechanical impact and sunlight.



 The shield is made of aluminum or polyester foil. It acts as an added reinforcement to the cable which makes the cable strong and less prone to damage.



An outer PVC jacket protects the cable from abrasion, impact, corrosion, sunlight, chemicals and industrial solvents.



• Audio transmissions

• Data transmissions

• Delivery of low voltage analog data signals


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