0.6/1 kv PVC insulated pvc jacket control cable

  • Conductor:

  • Insulation:

  • Insulation Color:

  • Temperature Range:

  • Nominal Voltage:

  • Test Voltage:

  • Standard:

control cable is used for the signal transmission,controlling and measuring system.

Control cable


the indication of plastic insulated control cable consists of type,number of cores, nominal sectional area of conductor, when the same type product isi made of different class of conductor, the more flexible one is indicated with(b) following the specification. the rated voltage: 450/750v; the max. long-term operating temperature of conductor: PE insulated cable: 70C XLPE insulated cable: 90C PVC insulated cable: 70C & 90C

(insulated control cable, control cable, cable)


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