16mm Electrical Cable Price

  • Conductor:


  • Insulation:


  • Insulation Color:

    All color

  • Temperature Range:

    -10°C to 70°C

  • Nominal Voltage:


  • Test Voltage:

    More than 1000V

  • Standard:


Product standard

The product is manufactured according to the standard of GB/T12706-2002 “Extruded solid dielectric power cables for rated voltages from l KV (Um=1.2KV) to 35KV (Um=40.5KV)”or IEC, BS, DIN and ICEA upon request.



The product is suitable for use in power transmission and distribution lines with rated power frequency voltage 3.6KV/6KV~26/35KV.


Operating characteristics

 Rated power-frequency voltage U0/U: 3.6/6KV~26/35KV.

 Max. Permissible continuous operating temperature or conductor:90℃.

 Max. short-circuit temperature of conductor shall not exceed 250℃. (5s maximum duration)

 The ambient temperature under installation should not below 0℃.

 The bending radius of a single-core cable should not less than 20 times of the cable diameter.

 The bending radius of a three-core cable should not less than 15 times of the cable diameter.


2). Description:

Standard: IEC 60502

Conductor: Cu/ Aluminum

Conductor Screen: Semi-conductive

Insulation: XLPE(Cross-linked Polyethylene)

Insulation Screen: Semi-conductive

Armour: Steel Wire/ Steel Tape Armoured

Sheath: PVC or LSZH

Sheath color: Black

Bending Radius:

Single core: 20D±0.05, multi-core: 15D ±0.05

Medium Voltage Armoured Cable


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