8kV 15kV Heavy Duty Portable Mining Cable

  • Conductor:

  • Insulation:

  • Insulation Color:

  • Temperature Range:

  • Nominal Voltage:

  • Test Voltage:

  • Standard:

I. Mining Cable Applications

These heavy duty cables are designed for applications such as longwall shearers, continuous miners, loaders, drills, conveyors, pumps and mobile equipment where grounding conductors, a ground check conductor and metallic shielding are required.



II. Mining Cable Standards

Based on 

  • ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC 58
  • ASTM B 172
  • ASTM B 33
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.96


III. Mining Cable Construction



Conductors: Stranded annealed tinned copper conductor.


Insulation: EPR.


Insulation shield: Tinned copper / textile braid.


Ground Check Conductor: Tinned copper conductor with a yellow polypropylene insulation.


Grounding ConductorTinned copper conductor.


Sheath: Reinforced extra-heavy-duty Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE), black. Other sheath materials can be offered upon request.



Other jacket materials such as CSP / PCP / NBR / PVC are available upon request.

Two-layer jacket with reinforcing fibre between the two layers can be offered as an option.


Mechanical and Thermal Properties:

  • Minimum Bending Radius: 6×OD
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +90°C

IV. Dimensions and Weight of Mining Cable


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