24AWG UL1330 Teflon Insulated Cable Wire

  • Conductor:

    Tinned Copper

  • Insulation:


  • Insulation Color:


  • Temperature Range:


  • Nominal Voltage:


  • Test Voltage:


  • Standard:


Product characteristics and application:

(1) Rated voltage: 600V
(2) Operating temperature: -80 ~ +250 ℃
(3) Conductor: Stranded silver plated copper wire or nickel plated copper wire
(4) Insulation: PTFE Teflon
(5) Color: red / yellow / blue / white / black / yellow green / brown / orange / purple / green / etc


(6) Product features:
       Has excellent corrosion resistance, almost insoluble in any organic solvent, can be anti-oil, strong acid, anti-alkali, strong oxidants, etc .; has excellent electrical insulation properties, high voltage, high frequency loss, no moisture absorption, insulation resistance Large; with excellent fire resistance, aging resistance, long service life.


(7) Application:
       Electronic industry, can be used for temperature compensation wire, low temperature wire, high temperature heating wire, anti-aging wire and flame retardant wire; household appliances industry, can be used for air conditioners, microwave ovens, electronic disinfection cabinet, rice cookers, electronic thermos, , Electric oven, electric wok, lighting, lighting and other internal wiring.


(8) Production Time:

      7~12 days for 1,000~300,000 wires;

      large quantity order Can be negotiable.

      Sample wires are available for you to check the quality.


(9) Certifications:


      CE, UL, SGS, REACH, ROHS, CCC etc.

      (our wires & cables are certificated once we established from Year 1998, they are sold to all over the world


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