4 Gauge OFC Copper Flexible Battery Cable


Flexible copper conductor rubber battery cable is used for connecting the electrode to the car battery, or welding machine.



--Product Description:

1) Nominal area: 16AWG ~ 0AWG ~ 4/0AWG

2) Conductor: class 5 tinned or plain copper wire

3) No. of cores: 1

4) Insulation: rubber compound, PCP

5) The products available include:

60245IEC 81: rubber sheathed arc welding electrode cable

60245IEC 82: polychloroprene or other equivalent synthetic elastomer sheathed arc welding electrode cable



1. Resistance to oil, solvents & chemicals
2. High resistance to cuts, tears & abrasion
3. Excellent ozone & weather resistant
4. Outstanding toughness
5. Durability



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